To everyone that supported my campaign,

Thank you. Thank you for the hospitality. Thank you for the fellowship. Thank you for the understanding.

I can say thank you from now until I pass from this earth and I will never be able to express how much I appreciate what you have done for this average Texan. You have shown me over and over again why I love this state and its people so much.

Over the last year I have met thousands and thousands of Texans that get it. They are sick and tired of the GOP establishment parading non-conservative, big government, chosen, groomed, and politically connected candidates in front of them. They are sick of being lied to, and tired of being treated as if they are not intelligent enough to manage their own lives without the intervention of someone in the elite political class. They are truly conservative, demand fidelity to the Constitution, and they are at their breaking point. And I am right there with them.

I have broken bread with people all over this great State, and the message has been consistent; this unconstitutional national government is too large, out of control, and is on the wrong path.

I, like many of my fellow Texans, believe that Texas will be the last stand for freedom and liberty. If we lose liberty here, there is literally nowhere else to go. The battle to protect liberty from tyranny is no longer a story in a history book; it is taking place today, right now, as we speak.

I have learned that the principles of federalism and "Putting Texas First" are timeless. I have seen people's eyes light up as they learn about them. Make no mistake; they are the answer.

The results of the election were tough. Whatever their reasons were, almost 60% of Texans voted for more government and more debt. This congress has an approval rating of less than 12%, and yet 95% of the incumbents will most likely be reelected. If you understand the scope of the problem that faces us, voting for more debt and more government is hard to understand.

Instead, I want to recognize the fact that, even though we were unable to get a citizen statesman elected to the U.S. Senate, we were able to advance the message of federalism and Putting Texas First to over 140,000 Texans on a budget of less than 75,000 dollars. That is over 140,000 Texans that stepped up to support one of their own; a regular citizen; a native Texan that just happened to have Jeffersonian principles. This election proved that we just need to keep communicating.

So this is far from over. The message is timeless, and I will be traveling Texas holding "Keep Texas Free" seminars for any group that is interested in learning the fundamentals of federalism, states' rights, and what this experience has shown me about how voters in Texas are manipulated. Contact me if you are interested in scheduling a seminar.

Please remain vigilant, and stay connected through

Again, thank you so much, for everything.

We are Texans! We never give up! And may God continue to bless Texas with patriots like you!

In liberty,

Dwayne Stovall
Native Texan